PSG icon Jérome Rothen has hit out at Tottenham Hotspur defender Serge Aurier over the player’s claims he’d like to finish his career with the French side.

Aurier burst onto the scene at PSG, making 81 appearances and winning no fewer than 11 trophies in his three-year spell in the French capital after signing from Toulouse.

He left for Tottenham in 2017 but has not hidden his admiration for PSG and earlier this week he revealed in an interview that he would like to return to his former club at some point, preferably to end his career.

The Tottenham man claimed the French side were the club of his heart and, if he had the choice, would have a second spell there before his career came to an end.

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Rothen has hit out the defender for that suggestion, though, believing the 27-year-old is not motivated by his heart, but a desire to improve his bank balance before retirement.

“There are always a lot of players who tell me it’s the club of my heart, etc.…” he told After Foot, relayed by RMC Sport.

“But I just have one thing to say to Serge Aurier: PSG is the club of his heart, don’t make me laugh.

“When he put on the PSG jersey, he was good, fast enough, but then he got lost completely. He got lost gradually.

“When he insults the coach, the club, his teammates, there is no more history of a heart club. If it is the club of your heart, you do not do what you did—end of.

“Let him stop selling us the dream, at least to the supporters, pretending to say that it is the club of his heart. When you were there, you were not exemplary. It’s over for you.

“You won titles in Paris; you went to Tottenham. Upon arrival, the level he had in Tottenham was never the one he had at the start at PSG. He’s on the downhill slope. We stop there.

“Let them stop with their nonsense of the club from their heart. It is easy today to say that PSG is the club of its heart, given what they can make financially. It makes me laugh…”