Massimo Cellino’s reign in charge of Leeds United could have been worse… but it also could have been a lot better.

The Italian businessman quickly faced problems in English football, and Leeds fans grew frustrated at the lack of investment in their squad.

More than that, Cellino, who had already gained himself the ‘Manager Eater’ nickname, was getting too involved on the football side of things at Elland Road.

Things have been different since he left, and it can be considered certain that Marcelo Bielsa wouldn’t have agreed to manage Leeds under an owner who interferes as much as the Italian.

Il Mattino today reports that Cellino has found himself in legal trouble again, for an issue which even predates his period in English football.

Prosecutors have requested he be jailed for four and a half years over charges of ’embezzlement’ of €360K, as well as the ‘attempted embezzlement’ of a further €700k.

This dates back to him building a new stadium for Cagliari, one which was only used for a season, before legal proceedings started over the permissions given for the construction.