Even though intermediary agents are often forgotten, we can’t ignore their importance in several transfers in the football market.

Contacts between clubs and agents aren’t always easily made, especially when different languages are a barrier for the negotiations to take place. That’s when intermediaries show up offering their services, normally with some interesting mates to offer players around.

We’re explaining this before anyone asks “who?” when we mention Fabio Parisi. The agent is known in Italy for doing several jobs in the local market, making the communication with foreign agents a lot easier.

The representative was interviewed by Italian website Calcio Mercato this deadline day, and since he’s been involved in the negotiations regarding Daley Blind’s potential move from Manchester United to Serie A, he had a few words on the rumour.

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“During his career Blind has always relied on a Dutch agent with whom I have excellent relationships, and now he preferred to rely on his father who perhaps, also because of inexperience, preferred to carry out a negotiation, a loan, which was practically impossible. I still think he can leave Manchester United in June.”

Reports from this morning made it pretty clear that Manchester United, Roma and Blind all wanted the transfer. But considering these last quotes, it seems that the negotiations aren’t that easy, and may slide away for the summer.