As Italian newspaper Messaggero Veneto today talks about the partnership between Udinese and Watford, they bring a suggestion of a transfer for the winter window.

Relayed by Udinese Blog, the outlet mentions a potential swap between João Ferreira and Matheus Martins.

It’s pointed out that the fullback, who’s loaned by Watford to Udinese this season, is an ‘interesting prospect’ having a good season and could move to the Serie A side ‘permanently’.

Going the opposite way, there could be Matheus Martins, who’s having the inverse situation, loaned by the Italians to the Hornets until the end of the season.

Udinese bought the Brazilian from Fluminense last winter and immediately sent him to Watford on loan. Since then, he has four goals and one assist in 22 appearances for the club.

Ferreira is valued by Transfermarkt at €1m, while Martins has his price at €7m. But we all know their market valuations may not mean a lot in the end, since it’s the Pozzo family who will decide whether the players deserve to be exchanged between the clubs.

After all, that’s the benefit of owning more than one club in different leagues.