On Friday we covered claims from Italy that AC Milan have a new transfer idea: Gerard Deulofeu.

The Serie A club can be like a magpie with transfer targets, continually distracted by the latest shiny prospect, and therefore the Deulofeu story is growing.

In their Saturday edition, Gazzetta dello Sport report the Spaniard isn’t satisfied at Watford following his permanent transfer to the club from Barcelona. They give no reason for this, but the assumption seems to be he can’t be happy because he’s not tearing the Premier League to pieces.

In Italy it’s often thought that once a player has worked there he always fancies a return.

Deulofeu previously spent a loan period at AC Milan and at times they hyped him up so much it became awkward, yet when it came to it the permanent clause wasn’t used.

Milan will have problems getting the player from Watford, explain Gazzetta, because ‘The Pozzo family don’t do loans’ and the Italian club won’t have the spare cash lying around to commit.

That should be that then… but it probably won’t be.