Watford are reportedly still sorting the last details of Richarlison’s transfer to Everton.

Brazilian website Globo Esporte has an interesting story this Monday about how the Pozzo family will handle the money from the sale.

It starts with the fact that back in 2015, Fluminense bought Marquinho from Udinese for €1m. They never paid that amount, so the price is now at €1.3m with the interest rate.

Then Fluminense sold Richarlison to Watford on a €12.5m move in 2017. In that deal, it was agreed that the Brazilian side would have 10% of the profits from a future sale.

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Now Everton paid €50m to sign Richarlison this summer, which means that €3.75m should go to Fluminense. This amount hasn’t been paid yet.

So according to Globo Esporte, Fluminense have worked on a deal so instead of Watford paying them, part of that money will pay off their debt with Udinese.

The website explains that Gianpaolo Pozzo, owner of Udinese, is the father of Gino Pozzo, who commands Watford. It’s claimed that the family wasn’t sure about the deal at first, but now the agreement is well advanced.

By doing that, Fluminense are trying to avoid a sanction from FIFA, as Udinese have already complained about the lack of payment for Marquinho’s transfer.

Despite the agreement with Flu, Watford are still to set a date to pay the amount they owe them. The Brazilian club is looking forward to it, as players and employees have had their salaries delayed for months now.