Earlier today we covered claims from Mundo Deportivo that Wolves have approached Atletico Madrid to ask about the permanent signing of Jonny Otto.

The fullback has been a successful loan transfer and trying to keep him on, despite his repeated comments about planning a return to Atletico, doesn’t seem a bad idea.

Whilst the Madrid club weren’t overly keen, it was explained an exorbitant offer could change things, as could the need to sell a player this month should the rojiblancos not be able to get rid of Nikola Kalinic.

Atletico need some money to finance the Alvaro Morata loan, and aren’t finding it so easy.

A little digging suggests it may not have actually been Wolves doing the approaching, but rather the Spanish club themselves.

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A few hours before Mundo published their article, El Desmarque published claims from Spanish radio which stated Atletico were considering selling Jonny, without any claim of Wolves being the ones initiating it.

Again, it was stated the reason was a need for money this month and the difficulty getting rid of Kalinic.

This will be an interesting one to keep an eye on.