Ralf Rangnick’s poor performance at Manchester United could prove to be a problem for Austria, should United look to get rid of him before his contract with the club expires in 2024.

That’s according to Weekend, who say an early release from his contract at Old Trafford could cause problems for the national side.

Rangnick is set to take charge of Austria in the summer when he steps back from his caretaker role at Manchester United and moves into a consultancy position.

Earlier today, we covered a report from Austria explaining how that had worked in his favour, as his deal with United left him open to take up other positions but covered him enough financially in the process.

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It meant Rangnick could demand less from Austria than first, though, thus allowing them to get a manager they believed was out of their reach.

Weekend now cover that and explain that Austria could only afford Rangnick because his ‘consulting contract’ at Manchester United will pay him so well.

However, were United to rip up that contract, that could cause problems as Austria would be unable to afford him, even ‘at the discount rate’.

Rangnick’s deal with them runs on a provisional basis until 2023 but will be extended to the summer of 2024 if they make it to the European Championship that summer.

Realistically, Manchester United would, ‘at worst,’ give Rangnick a leave of absence or simply ‘cold-call him’. In other words, he will serve out his contract until 2024.

In that eventuality, the ÖFB would only face a ‘financial problem’ in the event of an extension to Rangnick’s contract in 2024.

That, though, is best case scenario, and if United decide to completely cut ties with Rangnick before next summer, it could cause Austria a whole host of problems.