Uh-oh, don’t tell the Danish media.

Don Balon may be famous for all the wrong reasons, but that they’ve linked Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen with Real Madrid today may be enough for another round of Danish excitement about a potential transfer to one of Spain’s big two.

It’s claimed Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is looking to bring youth in and is ready to accept a good offer for Luka Modric, whilst he’s not too fussed over Toni Kroos either.

That’s the first madness. Modric and Kroos being expendable is the most eyebrow raising part but can 26 year old Eriksen really be described as ‘youth’?

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The next madness is that Eriksen is described as a potential bargain, which should bring all kinds of chuckles. Daniel Levy is well covered in the Spanish media, so Don Balon are way off on this one.

Unless their plan is to publish another article tomorrow explaining that whilst signing the Tottenham player was a nice idea, it’s considered way too expensive.

That’s what we’d predict.