When The Times reported that Everton’s approach to sign Marco Silva was turned down yesterday, outlets from several countries all covered the news, mostly respecting the great reputation the newspaper has.

But there’s one trying to go against it, and that’s Portuguese outlet O Jogo. They have an interesting story about the case today, although it’s probably motivated by a mistranslation.

They claim that contrary to what the Times said, which would be that Marco Silva said no to the approach, that isn’t what happened.

The manager would have left the Everton door open. The issue is that he’s honouring his contract with Watford and will not leave the Hornets unless the clubs come to an agreement to break his contract.

So Marco Silva is not forcing his way out, but it doesn’t mean that a summer move is ruled out. He just doesn’t want to be on bad terms with his club.

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Whilst it’s fine for O Jogo to have that exclusive report, there was no need to go against The Times, because they never said that Silva turned down the offer personally.

The English outlet actually claimed that the rejection was made by Watford, since the manager has a release clause and the Hornets would not negotiate that.

So both papers are basically saying the same thing, just with different information.

Can we all be friends now?