If you’re a Manchester United fan and you’ve been following Sport Witness for a while, then you’ve probably heard of Rui Pedro Braz.

The Portuguese journalist features daily at TVI24 show Mais Transferências, always bringing news and commenting on the big moves in the market.

Back in January, we used to watch him daily to see what he had to say about Bruno Fernandes. He got it right most of the time, even when the updates were annoyingly negative for fans, and that’s why we’ve now been keeping an eye on what he claims about Alex Telles.

There hasn’t been a lot so far, but a specific quote from him today has caught our attention. That’s him saying: “I think Alex Telles is going to be a Manchester United player.”

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His words deserve some context. He starts by admitting it’s been thought Alex Telles’ departure was close to being done since last summer, and it never happened.

However, he claims that Porto are ‘fighting against the clock’ this time, as this is the last transfer window in which they can make some real money with his sale, since his contract expires in June.

Rui Pedro Braz then takes claims from England which say Telles has agreed personal terms with Manchester United, and even mentions the possibility of Porto getting Diogo Dalot in a deal. Only then he says: “A lot is said about Manchester United, and I think Alex Telles is going to be a Manchester United player.”

However, he also brings Atletico Madrid to the picture as an alternative possibility. That’s because Porto are interested in the return of Hector Herrera.

The journalist claims that between losing Alex Telles for free or letting him go in exchange for Herrera, ‘it makes more sense’ that they’d get the Mexican midfielder.

But once again, just to make things clear: Braz says he believes Alex Telles is going to be a Manchester United player. But until things are closed, he can’t rule out Atletico Madrid from the scenario.