Since announcing the signing of Ruben Dias from Benfica, Manchester City released several stories about the defender on their official website.

In one called ‘Ruben Dias: Things you need to know’, they told the player’s history, and made a mistake by saying his youth side Estrela Amadora are now ‘defunct’.

Well, it turns out that the Portuguese club are pretty much alive, and didn’t like reading of their demise an official statement. They actually they took the opportunity to make a big thing out of it.

On their Instagram page, they’ve released a statement both in Portuguese and in English where they correct Manchester City, claiming they’re ‘back to good times’. They even said they hope to play the Premier League side at their ground one day.


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🙋🏻‍♂️Hey @mancity Ao contrário do que é erroneamente afirmado no site oficial do City, o Estrela Da Amadora não está extinto. Tem sim, muito orgulho em ter ajudado a formar jovens atletas de excecional qualidade, como o @rubendias , entre outros. Está sim de volta aos bons tempos, a encetar a caminhada de regresso ao nosso lugar. Esperamos encontrar um dia os Citizens no Estádio José Gomes. É esta a dimensão do nosso enorme respeito por um dos melhores clubes do Mundo, é este o nível do nosso sonho, que alimenta a nossa vida. Ao MCFC endereçamos votos de sucesso desportivo, ao nosso Rúben Dias desejamos a melhor sorte do Mundo, ele merece e vai provar que é um dos melhores da Europa. O Estrela da Amadora está vivo e veio para ficar. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Despite what is erroneously stated on City’s official website, Estrela Da Amadora is not extinct. The Club is very proud to have helped training young athletes of exceptional quality, such as Rúben Dias, among others. It is, indeed, back to the good times, to start walking back to our place. We hope to meet Citizens one day, in José Gomes stadium. This is the dimension of our enormous respect for one of the best clubs in the world, this is the level of our dream, which fuels our lives. To the MCFC we wish you all the best in sports. To our Rúben Dias we wish all the luck in the world. He deserves and will prove that he is one of the best in Europe. Estrela da Amadora is alive and we are here to stay. #istoéoestrela

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This isn’t the first time Manchester City have been on the end of comments in Portugal today. This morning, we covered quotes from Benfica president Luis Filipe Vieira and manager Jorge Jesus in which they say Ruben Dias had left the Eagles for a smaller club.

Go on City, give Estrela Amadora a match.