Following José Mourinho’s sacking from Manchester United, most members of the English press have been reporting that Mauricio Pochettino is the number one target for the Red Devils, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer being the caretaker until the end of the season.

However, some claims about Zinedine Zidane are showing up this afternoon. And it comes from the Portuguese media.

Radio Antena 1 claims to know that the Frenchman is the one who will replace José Mourinho at Old Trafford. He’s been chosen by those ‘responsible’ at the club, and the negotiations happened a month ago.

A source close to the former Real Madrid man said both club and manager agreed a deal, which would be confirmed in case the bad results under José Mourinho continued.

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According to Antena 1, Manchester United’s last two defeats were crucial for the sacking, and Zidane’s agreement with the club should be made official in the ‘next few days’.

The radio adds that for the game against Cardiff City on Saturday, it’s Michael Carrick who should manage the Manchester United’s team.

Antena 1 is a pretty traditional radio stadio station in Portugal, but aren’t exactly an outlet which constantly breaks sports news, especially internationally, like this one.

If that’s a good or bad sign, we should know in the next few days.