The Ruben Neves transfer was perhaps a game changer for Wolves.

Back on July 1st, we brought the news from Portugal that Neves was signing for Wolves. It was met with shock from football fans generally, and our followers on Twitter.

We’d been covering Neves for some time and he’d been linked with some of the biggest names in football. Yet last season he stalled, regressed even, his situation became so frustrated that he was pictured in tears on Porto’s bench.

Having been told he’d come on as a substitute, Neves was sent back to the bench and couldn’t take the frustration. His manager at the time? Nuno Espirito Santo.

We were sceptical whether it’d work but it very much has and since then Wolves have been an even bigger story in the Portuguese press. Nearly every week there’s a transfer link, and the club’s players seem to line up to give interviews to the Portuguese media and explain how happy they are at Wolves.

Neves is happy himself, but speaking to a regional Portuguese outlet, as covered by Record, he’s made it clear Porto are still in his heart and he’d like to play for them again.

The Wolves midfielder is quoted as saying: “It’s a career goal to return to wearing the FC Porto shirt. If it will be in the short or long future, I cannot say. Football doesn’t allow this kind of perspective.

“But I believe that one day I will return and I will still celebrate titles with the FC Porto jersey. I can return to Portugal, but Benfica and Sporting are excluded.”

It could be PR for his Porto fanbase or a genuine desire to finish what he started and succeed at the club.