The Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United saga had a lot involved, and Tuesday was especially crazy when Barcelona were dragged into the picture.

Prior to that, an expectation in Portugal that the move would happen led to real increases in the company’s share price. Selling Bruno is a much bigger financial deal for the Lisbon club than it is for Manchester United.

Unlike the English club, Sporting have to release the details of their sales, so the overall value of the transfer will be public shortly.

Ahead of that, Record reports the CMVM, the regulator for the Portuguese stock-market, has suspended trading of shares, ahead of ‘disclosure of relevant information’.

Record and others in Portugal are in no doubt this is related to Bruno Fernandes’ move to Manchester United, and the final details of the player’s transfer fee.

There’s a good chance Sporting will release a statement today which confirms agreement and the amounts relevant to the deal.