It’s a busy morning over in Portugal as Bruno de Carvalho competes with himself to make Sporting’s current situation as ridiculous as it possibly can be.

Earlier today we covered claims from Portuguese newspaper Record which stated Rui Patricio had yesterday come very close to actually putting pen to paper and signing for Wolves.

After Carlo Ancelotti got cold feet at Napoli, Wolves agreed to match the Italian club’s offer of €18m, something Record report was accepted by Sporting.

With Patricio then given permission to undergo a medical with the Premier League club, Bruno suddenly asked for an extra €2m, throwing the deal away. It’s clear Wolves didn’t immediately agree, and Patricio is angry at his current club.

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The original report suggested the goalkeeper is so angry he could take legal action to cancel his contract for ‘just cause’ given what’s been happening at Sporting recently (violence towards players a major part – read this).

Now Record claim an exclusive saying Patricio has ‘rescinded his contract with Sporting’. The footballer is said to have moved to cancel his contract, citing ‘just cause’.

This creates a wider problem for Sporting as more players could be encouraged to do the same. Bruno de Carvalho won’t take Patricio’s action lying down and the situation is only likelier to get messier from here.