Even though Arsenal have been struggling to challenge for the biggest trophies in recent uears, players born in the 90’s won’t forget about how great the Gunners were.

Many footballers mention how they grew up supporting Arsene Wenger’s side due to the beautiful football they used to play, and it seems this is a thing that gets much bigger in France.

On Thursday, Portuguese newspaper A Bola has a two-page interview with the Belenenses midfielder Florent Hanin, who had a great season for the Lisbon side.

One of the questions was if the player has a dream club, and 28 year old Florent, who was born in the French city of Le Havre, was quick responding it’s Arsenal.

“I grew up with the Gunners of Thierry Henry, Wiltord, Pires, Petit, William Gallas, many Frenchmen in a winning team,” Florent told A Bola. “The Premier League for me is the top. Apart from Man City, who always win, all can surprise.”

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But it doesn’t mean Florent aims for a transfer.

Even though the midfielder has been much praised for playing two straight seasons without missing one single league game, he’s not very excited about a move to a big club, as he’s sick of creating false hope.

“Which player doesn’t work to get as high as possible? Whether in Portugal or abroad. But for now I have a contract with Belenenses and we’ll see what happens. Belenenses gave me the opportunity I wanted. If I have to stay… I will be very happy. Three seasons without ever stopping would be something unique and extraordinary. If it’s for another side, no problem.”

“I’m not thinking about it. I already know how it works. They say, I can go here, there, and then nothing. I’m not creating false expectations. I’m good here. My problem has always been the lack of stability. It was six months at one side, at another, then at another, I could not find a positive environment.”