Paul Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United has been agreed. At least according to one of the most famous newspapers from… Portugal.

Record says the deal is done and should be announced “in the coming hours”. United would pay an amount ‘largely superior’ than €100m for the signing.

It’s usual that Record use their international football pages to take claims from other outlets. But it’s not the case in this one, as they say “Record knows that the deal is done…”.

They also don’t give much room to their article, which is a bit strange given the importance for this world record transfer. Rooney’s testmonial, for example, had much more attention from the paper.

Of course, with a French player leaving an Italian side to join an English club, we wouldn’t expect a Portuguese newspaper to break the news. Maybe they would have a source close to José Mourinho, but that’s just us guessing here.

Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United has been given as done for a few days now, with more English papers claiming it in the past few hours. Are Record breaking the news or going with the flow? We’ll probably never know.