Portuguese newspaper O Jogo have today a story which is a mix of an interview and some news about the future of Ruben Vinagre at Wolverhampton Wanderers.

As the newspaper starts their big coverage for Porto’s Champions League clash against Liverpool, they are interviewing Portuguese players who play in the Premier League, and Vinagre is one of them.

The Wolves left-back gave a lot of praise to Liverpool’s squad, claiming it’s pretty hard to stop their attack.

“For me, the top three attackers in England are Firmino, Salah and Aguero. I really admire the first two. Mane is also very good, but the two are excellent. Firmino is very complete, hardworking, often comes out of the striker area and makes it very difficult. Salah is objective, he leaves the dribble and goes for the goal. He’s very direct and you need to be aware of that.”

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And although the interview was featured in the Porto pages, O Jogo still had something to say about where Vinagre could be playing next.

They say Jurgen Klopp was excited by the player’s display against the Reds this season, and after the game, he showed his admiration and even asked him if he would like to live in Liverpool.

O Jogo also claims that Barcelona have been sending a chief scout to follow Vinagre at Wolves, even with the risk of the player not leaving the bench. It’s said they were pretty impressed with his display against Manchester United, and are now added to Liverpool in the list of admirers.