It isn’t only Portuguese newspapers who are back with the Bruno Fernandes saga. The future of the Sporting midfielder has been a hot topic on local TV as well.

Channel TVI have been talking about the Lions star, and invited journalist Rui Pedro Braz to say what he knows about the midfielder’s transfer situation.

Braz divides his take in two parts. First saying why it makes a lot of sense that Tottenham could be signing Bruno Fernandes in January. And then claiming what he knows so far.

He starts by claiming that Tottenham were the onlyclub  to make an official bid for Fernandes in the summer, offering €45m plus bonuses. From that amount, only 50% would go straight to Sporting, since the rest would go to the bank, as part of an agreement the club has.

However, things would be different in January, because this time, only 30% would be going to the bank. That’s something that would weigh in Spurs’ favour in case of a new bid.

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The journalist also speaks of two situations at Spurs which may accelerate things. The arrival of José Mourinho obviously comes first, and the second is Christian Eriksen.

He talks about the contract situation around the Dane international, saying it would be a big blow for Tottenham to lose him for free next summer. And in case the club sell him in January, that’s another reason to sign Bruno Fernandes, since they play in a similar position.

It’s also claimed that Jorge Mendes has a document giving him the ‘exclusive’ right to sell Bruno Fernandes, and his obvious connection with Mourinho could help things.

However, Braz says that none of the parties have made the ‘first step’ for the transfer. So although the move is a clear possibility, there haven’t been any contacts so far.