Following all the panic and excitement from this evening’s news, it’s time to sit down and see all the details of what’s being said in the Portuguese media about Bruno Fernandes and Manchester United.

First it was TV stations like CMTV and TVI24 who broke the news, claiming that Sporting finally found an agreement with the Red Devils for the midfielder’s transfer.

All the outlets agree that Manchester United are paying an initial fee of €55m, with another €25m in bonuses. It seems they’ve all been briefed that €10m of the bonuses are easy to achieve, and the other €15m, not so much.

TVI says it’s a clause of €5m for each bonus. One of them is for a number of games, another for Champions League qualification, one for a Premier League title, one for a Champions League title, and finally one for a Ballon D’Or.

Correio da Manhã is the one who says the first bonus will be triggered in case Bruno starts or stays on the bench in 20 games. They don’t make it clear if it means before the end of the season, although it’s a little unlikely, since there are only 14 fixtures left in the Premier League, plus the cup games.

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A Bola and O Jogo both say the player is travelling on Wednesday, although Diário de Notícias sound a little more confident, saying he’s flying in the ‘coming hours’.

Regarding Bruno’s contract, there’s also similar but conflicting information. A Bola and Diário de Notícias say it should run until 2024, while O Jogo believes it’s until 2025. A Bola says he’s getting a salary of between €4m and €4.5m per season, with Diário de Notícias agreeing with the second amount.

There’s also been claims from this morning saying Barcelona would like to buy Bruno Fernandes and loan him out to Valencia, where he would stay until the end of the season. That would help them to get to a deal with the Mestalla side for striker Rodrigo Moreno.

Record and Diário de Notícias even mention Barça’s attempt to get Fernandes, and now, Super Deporte, who reported the plan in the morning, says the Spanish movement was crucial for Manchester United to have a ‘reaction’ and get the midfielder.