With the quotes from Frederico Varandas and Bruno Fernandes yesterday, the Portuguese press doesn’t have to bring many updates on the transfer saga today.

The words from the Sporting president and the club captain have been enough to feed the newspapers this Tuesday, especially as it doesn’t look like Manchester United are making especially big efforts financially to sign the midfielder.

But there’s something interesting about the situation we’ve found today, and that’s an opinion piece from journalist Fernando Guerra, from A Bola.

With a title called ‘diamond at the price of the rain’, he brings an article wondering if Bruno Fernandes’ value in the transfer market is his agent’s fault.

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He points out something that Manchester United have been saying for a while, but the Portuguese press has ignored, claiming he’s ‘lost count’ of how many times Fernandes’ agent has flown to England in search for a new club. That’s why Guerra says it’s ‘strange’ that someone who has such a valuable product has so far been unsuccessful.

Guerra blames both the agent and Sporting president Frederico Varandas for not getting a good price for Fernandes. He says they’ve been together in the mission of dragging the whole thing out, and making it so boring, that the ‘diamond’ has now lost value.

He says it’s normal that Bruno, who’s called ‘the artist’, is uncomfortable with this situation, seeing his name in an auction while the club doesn’t face the issue very seriously. It’s said he’s not having the best treatment in this case, and due to his importance to the club, he deserved more.

Manchester United escape blame in this one, at least from this Portuguese slant. Perhaps it’s believed that neither Sporting’s president nor Bruno’s agent has the experience to complete such a deal in the best way.