Manchester City star Bernardo Silva has never hidden the big love he has for Benfica, a club he supported during his childhood and even played for at the start of his career.

So when the Premier League side faced Porto in the Champions League last month, the midfielder brought the rivalry back. After beating the Dragons 3-1, he made a post on Instagram saying ‘This one felt so good!’.

That may not look like a big deal for most people who read it, but it didn’t go very well at the Portuguese side. When asked about it last night, manager Sérgio Conceição made it clear he didn’t like Bernardo Silva’s words.

“Our victories are all tasty. Obviously, the victories that lead to the titles are even more delicious. We celebrate titles and not victories. This is my analysis and my way of being in football,” Sérgio Conceição told the Portuguese press (via O Jogo).

“This is a childishness, which doesn’t tell me exactly anything. The victories are all tasty if they are important to celebrate titles, otherwise they are useless. The victories are really tasty, but if they give you titles.”

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Sérgio Conceição was also asked if he’s expecting all the Portuguese players from Manchester City to feature in tonight’s match against Porto. Now it was his time to attack, and besides claiming he’s not worried about it, he also made a little criticism to their performances for the national team.

“Whether the Portuguese go to the game or not, I don’t care. What I ask is that when they represent the national team they are better today than they were yesterday. They can do a little more in the national team, that if they win, I’m always happy. Now if they’ll play tomorrow for City, I don’t have to get involved.”