Paul Pogba Corriere dello Sport July 20thItalian newspaper Corriere dello Sport on Wednesday carry the headline ‘Pogba returns to Manchester United for €125m’, with a picture of Paul Pogba in his old United kit.

CDS say Manchester United have agreed a fee of €100m, with Manchester United paying an extra €25m to Mino Raiola and image rights regarding the player.

On Tuesday Gazzetta dello Sport reported Raiola was due 20% of any deal, and 20% of €125m is €25m, so perhaps that’s how it’s all worked out. CDS do mention that ‘the rest’ (over €100m) is due to the percentages owned by the player and his agent.

The French midfielder is set to earn around €20m/ season at Old Trafford, that includes fixed wages of €13m plus extras.

Pogba had made it clear to Beppe Marotta that he wants to return to Manchester United, and that forced the Serie A club to negotiate a deal for him.

CDS say Marotta has been in contact with Manchester United for few weeks, and there was a last contact yesterday on the phone to sort out the details of the deal.

It is reported Juventus did’t want to stand in Pogba’s way, and have wished him good luck.

CDS reckon Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United only ‘lacks an official stamp’, and the Frenchman is also keen on playing under Jose Mourinho.

The old picture of Pogba in Manchester United colours is used to show how close the deal is to being done, but also to help them launch an article on the front page which is critical of how Sir Alex Fergsuon and the club saw him leave.

It seems after months of speculation,and rumours this saga could finally come to an end soon.