For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been covering the chase for Brazilian wonderkid Gabriel Martinelli. His agent has revealed that 25 clubs have made offers for him, and it’s possible he’s moving to Europe soon.

Martinelli, who’s still 17 years old, has already had some experience in English football. A few years ago, he had a trial period at Manchester United, and has talked about it with ESPN Brasil today.

“Between 2015 and 2017 I went four times there and trained for about 15 days,” Gabriel Martinelli told ESPN Brasil. “As everyone trains in the same centre and eats in the same cafeteria, I’ve seen all the pros. I asked to take a picture with Evra, Fellaini and other guys. Pogba knew I was Brazilian and asked if everything was okay with me and where I was playing. We took a picture together.”

Regarding his future, Martinelli claims he’s totally focused on Ituano for now, as he’s currently fighting for the title of the State Championship, which is played until May.

“I want to go as far as possible in this Paulista and be champion. Then I will sit down with my agents and see what is best for us”.

After that, it becomes unlikely that he’ll stay at the club to play the Fourth Division of the Brazilian League, and that’s why he’s even taking English classes.

Martinelli and Paul Pogba - Player's personal image shared with ESPN Brasil
Martinelli and Paul Pogba – Player’s personal image shared with ESPN Brasil

“I take English classes twice a week and I’m getting better. Every player dreams of going to Europe and playing the Champions League. I also want to serve the youth Brazilian national team and maybe the professional one day.”

Manchester United had a buying option over the player after the trial period, but the Red Devils chose not to use it at the time.