Mauricio Pochettino is very much liked around the football world. Wherever the Argentine has been there seems a genuine affection for him, and a will to see him succeed in whicever role he chooses.

Well thought of at PSG, Pochettino was respected at Espanyol for his work both on and off the pitch, and it’s that which ultimately led him to English football.

Alongside his back-room staff, Pochettino has spoken to Spanish newspaper AS about their lives in England, and the success which has been enjoyed.

As ever, the talk came around to Tottenham’s comparative lack of financial power in the transfer market, having to compete on different terms with the Premier League’s biggest clubs.

When it was put to Pochettino that it’s surprising he keeps Tottenham at this level, despite the uneven competition, the Spurs boss preferred to frame his answer more about the steps being taken at the club.

“All economic agreements have to go hand in hand with the projects and culture of each club. We have arrived, observed, tried to empathise with the people and to create something together, so that it is not our philosophy but one formed by the two parties. But the results rule. Tottenham was a sleeping giant, I just said that to president Daniel Levy.

“But with everything he has built in 18 years, in six, seven or eight months, when the new stadium is ready, it’s going to be a completely different club than it was historically. It is a pride to be part of this vision.”

Pochettino and his merry men sound genuinely happy, both in football and in their lives surrounding the game and club. Whilst the Tottenham manager talks dreamily about a return to Argentina to manage Newell’s Old Boys or the national team, it seems like a very distant aim for somewhere in the long term future.

Right now, Pochettino is not only busy awakening the sleeping giant, but also trying to make it grow.

Daniel Levy must be thrilled.