It’s been just under two weeks now since Mauricio Pochettino was sacked from his position as Tottenham manager, and things have gone fairly well for the club since.

They appointed José Mourinho as his replacement soon after, who has lead Spurs to three wins in his first three games in charge.

Down Pochettino’s end, the manager has been laying relatively low, but was spotted in Argentina this weekend as he watched his former club Newell’s lose to River Plate 3-2.

Fox Sports didn’t waste the opportunity to speak to him, and while there was a lot of talk about a return to his home country down the line, they also asked him about his immediate future.

He said: “For now, it’s a return to Europe. It’s difficult to think about a project in Argentina for family reasons and other circumstances, so I’m not considering managing in Argentina.”

As for where he sees himself on this side of the Atlantic, the former Tottenham manager doesn’t have a preference just yet.

He explained: “For now, I just want to relax. I’m here a few days in Argentina and we’ll see. It’s clear that there are many clubs and many projects that could be good to get into, but for now the most important is to clear the head after five and a half years at Tottenham that were incredible and to have days where you don’t think as much about the future, to be able to regenerate, find that energy and internal motivation to return to the trenches and dive into and face a project once again, if we deem it necessary.”

However, Pochettino did also tell Fox Sports that, down the line and most certainly not yet, he would like to ‘fulfil his dream’ of one day managing Newell’s Old Boys, where he started his career career as a footballer before moving to Europe with Espanyol.