Isco to Tottenham is rearing its head again.

El Confidencial link the Premier League club as one of those who could make a swoop for the Real Madrid player. Said to have been interested before Isco renewed his contract with Real Madrid, Tottenham are lined up with Juventus and Barcelona.

Isco to Tottenham is one of those rumours which won’t go away, a bit like the Andre Gomes one but far more exciting.

In October of last year, Marca claimed Mauricio Pochettino is a fan and had telephoned the player: ‘In the English club they dreamed and awaited events until Pochettino, who already knew that in the Premier League coaches are more than simple technicians, decided to call the Madridista. Without intermediaries.’

Isco had decided to renew with Madrid and that was that, but things haven’t gone as well as hoped for. The Spanish media are often cheerleading for Isco, but he is getting plenty of opportunities (30 appearances so far this season) and the 25 year old still hasn’t taken the next step to being one of the best players around.

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El Confidencial say Isco will listen to offers if he’s treated as a secondary player between now and the end of the season. That would present an opportunity for Tottenham and the others, with Madrid surely preferring a sale to Spurs over Barcelona.

It’s a nice rumour but it does often feel like Tottenham and other clubs are used as props to demonstrate there’d be interest, which of course there would be. An Isco transfer seems unlikely at this stage, but it’s being presented as a possibility so what happens between now and the summer could be key.