Brazilian manager Vanderlei Luxemburgo hasn’t had a job since 2017. After leaving sport, the coach has just been enjoying his time off and speaking to the local media about what has been going on in national and international football.

Since the 66-year-old has won five league titles in Brazil, his opinion is pretty relevant, and that’s the reason why his quotes are doing the rounds in the local press today.

Luxemburgo, who worked with Neymar at Santos in the player’s first year as a professional back in 2009, has now suggested that the star should leave Paris Saint Germain to join Pep Guardiola at Manchester City.

Interviewed by ESPN Brasil, the former manager claims that the player is what Guardiola needs to finally conquer a Champions League title for the Manchester side.

According to Luxemburgo, Neymar and Guardiola could help each other to prove themselves on an European level outside of Barcelona.

Here are his full quotes.

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“Everyone is talking about Neymar at Barcelona or Real Madrid. Barcelona or Real Madrid. Manchester City are the big club for him to work. To work with Guardiola.

“Guardiola likes the way he plays. He likes an irreverent player like him. Likes player who dribbles. Likes a player who moves to the goal. Likes insinuating players.

“And look, I’m saying something here, I’ve never told anyone. First show that I say that, I never told anyone. Because I think Manchester City need a Neymar. Like Barcelona need a Messi. As Cristiano Ronaldo was for Real Madrid.

“The manager is good. He knows football, he’s not stupid. Has the characteristics of playing football, which is what Neymar knows how to do. His team plays football, attacks. Neymar plays f***ing well. And what will it be? Manchester City will no longer be a mere supporting act, who will reach a quarter-final, like a Lyon, like others. To be what? A postulant to the title. Because they have good players, but they don’t have a different one.”

Then Manchester City will come out like this: I have Neymar, Barcelona have Messi, Juventus have Cristiano Ronaldo.”

“I don’t know if it will happen, if Guardiola will try, if he won’t. I have no information of it, nothing, zero information. I’m just talking a manager thought, an idea. Damn, man, I think he would fit perfectly. They are a club who have money, are a club who have structure, are a club that want to reach the Champions League. Guardiola wants to reach the Champions League and win without being at Barcelona, ​​which he needs to confirm. As Mourinho confirmed at Inter Milan, as Ancelotti confirmed outside of Milan. Guardiola needs to confirm this. So I think it would be the perfect marriage.”