When Roger Martinez refused to celebrate his last goal for America, we said he really doesn’t mind being in the news every single day.

The striker is clearly seeking a move out of the club, and things have been getting bigger since he started being linked to Sheffield United.

Now it looks like his father has the exact same attitude. Because in an interview last night, he made it clear he wants his son to move to the Premier League.

Roger Martinez, who has the same name as his son, started explaining the situation by confirming that there are some clubs interested in the striker.

“Although I haven’t had the opportunity to talk much with him or the representative these days, I know that there are some clubs that are pending, that are knocking on doors in Mexico, but apparently they have not met the requirements,” Martínez told Caracol. “They (America) asked for an amount. For now he’s still concentrated in Mexico.”

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Then when asked about which club who have been in touch for Martínez, he couldn’t quite remember the name, but was helped out.

“There is a team out there that is looking for him in England, the name doesn’t come to mind, but they’re in dialogue. Likewise, the one they have to talk to most is to America.”

So Caracol said the club he’s referring to is Sheffield United, and asked about his opinion on a possible move.

“(I hope) God allows that arrangement with that team there in England. Here we are waiting for what may happen, that it’s for the well-being of him and his family. The important thing is that he feels happy, calm and has the confidence to continue showing he can still develop in his career.”