It became a short soap opera, as we’d say in Brazil, but Diego Cavalieri has finally signed a contract with Crystal Palace.

During the negotiations, the Brazilian media didn’t really have access to how things were going, but now with the deal signed, some details have been published by Globo Esporte.

The website claims that Cavalieri signed a four-month deal. As he doesn’t have a representative, the talks were intermediated by his brother, Danilo Cavalieri, and agents Ivan Jatobá and Marcos Leite, from LM03 Sports.

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According to Globo Esporte, Cavalieri has been training with Crystal Palace since the start of the month, when the negotiations started. There was the possibility of a one-year contract being offered, which was the least the player wanted, but things changed along the way.

The player is signing on a free deal as he was released by Fluminense at the start of the Brazilian season. The fact that he was busy finding an agreement for unpaid salaries with his former club is something that made the talks with Crystal Palace take longer than expected.