Yesterday, when tweeting the developments of the fight between Adrien Silva and Bruno de Carvalho, we made a joke saying we were about to make #TeamAdrien t-shirts.

And now it seems that the Sporting squad have picked the same side as us.

As reported by Correio da Manhã this Wednesday, the players aren’t happy with comments made by the club president regarding the case.

Adrien Silva is still seen as the figure of a team captain at Alvalade, despite his move to Leicester City, so according to the newspaper, his former teammates thought he deserved some better treatment from Bruno de Carvalho.

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The story first started at the weekend, when Adrien claimed he was disappointed with the way Bruno de Carvalho handled his transfer to Leicester City.

The Sporting president then responded saying he hopes it was a mistranslation, otherwise, the Lisbon club would have ‘failed to make Adrien a man’.

Another update came yesterday saying the Leicester City midfielder doesn’t want to feed the controversy, and is unlikely to continue the public war, despite being surprised with the president’s comments.

Adrien’s side is absolutely the right one to take here. The Leicester midfielder seems like a thoroughly nice guy and Bruno de Carvalho is Bruno de Carvalho.