Maybe trying to break the record for most interviews in a single month, Chelsea winger Willian has now spoken to Radio Transamerica in Brazil.

There have been two subjects which the player has been talking a lot about, his contract situation with the Blues and the Premier League break due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Things weren’t very different this time, even though Willian seems to be taking it easier. He previously claimed that the negotiations with Chelsea had ended, and now sounds like there’d be a small chance for him to stay at the club.

“The negotiations with Chelsea didn’t advance, even before the Coronavirus, we hadn’t found an agreement. The club wanted two years, I asked for three and they didn’t accept. So it was like that. Now, everything has stopped. I hope as soon as possible to settle the future at Chelsea or elsewhere,” Willian told Transamerica (via Globo Esporte).

Regarding the possibility of playing for the Blues after the end of his contract, due to delays caused by the pandemic, Willian said he has no issues with it.

“I really don’t know how it will go, if FIFA will authorise clubs to renew the contract, I’d have no problem ending the league on my part. But I really don’t know how it will be. My relationship with the club has always been very good, I will try to honour the club’s shirt until the end.

“My wish is to stay in Europe, I still have a market, I believe I can continue playing at a high level in Europe for a few more years.”

Willian has been quizzed about a possible return to Brazil, and once again, he said this isn’t something in his plans. He claims that it isn’t about money, but actually about how players are treated in his home country.

“Actually, I don’t have a goal to return to Brazilian football, for the moment I don’t have that in mind. I can play a few more years in Europe. Today I don’t have that in mind.

“It’s not even a financial issue, there is the issue of family security, but my work is very unstable. In Brazil, from one game to another you become useless. You play a good game, in the other you do badly and you no longer serve. Many players went through this, Daniel Alves himself was criticised at São Paulo after a few games, he was no longer useful. They threw a party for him and then he’s no longer useful. This is worrying. That’s just why I think about not returning to Brazil.”