The Brazilian media continues to report Nathan’s wish not to return to Chelsea at the end of his loan spell at Atlético Mineiro.

According to Yahoo today, the player has already found a a deal for a permanent contract with the Belo Horizonte side.

It’s said there’s a ‘verbal agreement’ so he can stay there for longer, and now they must work to get things done with Chelsea.

Nathan’s contract with the Blues expires next summer, and the most likely possibility is that he’s loaned to Atlético for six more months, until he becomes a free agent.

However, Yahoo now claims that the chance of a recision with the Blues is ‘not ruled out’. That’s how much he wants to leave them.

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Nathan’s talks to stay at Atlético had already been reported by UOL this week.

It’s been claimed that this father, along with agent Giuliano Bertolucci, are set to talk to Chelsea to try and sort the situation out.