On Wednesday, as reports emerged in the UK media of Swansea City wanting Santiago Arias, the excellently connected De Telegraaf reported that it was news to PSV.

The Dutch club are half expecting an Arias exit before the window closes, but there hadn’t even been contact from Swansea, and certainly no offer had arrived for the Colombian defender.

It’s pretty much the same on Thursday, with still no offer arriving at PSV, despite claims otherwise in the UK media.

The situation isn’t being ignored, this isn’t PSV putting their head in the sand, and the Eredivisie side would probably like the Swansea bid to arrive sooner rather than later.

Arias himself is keen on a move and De Telegraaf say he’s waiting and eager for a Swansea City offer, or one from another club in a top league, to arrive.

The 25 year old is quoted as saying: “The faster it happens, the better. It’s time to leave. I feel strong, learned a lot in the Eredivisie. Now it’s a good time to take a step.”

To be fair to the fullback, he did also make it clear he’ll remain fully committed to PSV as long as stays with the Dutch club.