It’s happening.

Emiliano Sala is either in the air, or already in Wales.

L’Equipe report the Cardiff City and Nantes saga is coming to an end after a four week up and down period which has been strange even by transfer market standards.

Sala was absolutely against a move to the Premier League club, feeling his form meant he could instead aim for a transfer somewhere he’d have a chance of playing in European footballer.

Money, agents, and even Neil Warnock, can be very persuasive it seems, because despite shaking his head at the move for all that time, L’Equipe say Sala took a flight at around 9am on Friday morning.

Cardiff City almost managed to kill the deal themselves this week by dropping the €20m offer to Nantes, the French newspaper says the deal will now be done at around €17m.

There’s a reasonable chance some of the difference is going to the player and that’s helped change his mind.

Emiliano Sala will sign a contract for three and a half years, pending medical tests.