Jurgen Klopp is so full of energy that he may one day burst, with pieces of the German manager scattering all around Anfield.

The energy and approach helps to motivate his players and that’s had a big impact at Liverpool, with Klopp’s enthusiasm infectious for both fans and team alike.

Bear hugs are something associated with the boss, Klopp likes to get a hold of his players and congratulate or commiserate with them after matches.

What is less known about is the pre-match slap.

Roman Weidenfeller has been speaking to Bild and, asked to share some stories from his career, brought up Klopp’s motivational slap.

Whilst it didn’t happen so often, it’s clearly something which the former Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper remembers well.

Weidenfeller told Bild: “And Klopp always gave motivational slaps on the way out of the dressing room. But they weren’t so many, I’ve got more goals than slaps.”

So if any Liverpool player feels a big enthusiastic Klopp hand shaking across their face before a match, they can rest assured knowing they haven’t done anything wrong… it’s just more motivation.