Mathieu Debuchy has been on the edge of Arsenal’s squad for what feels like a lifetime. The French fullback isn’t part of Arsene Wenger’s core plans and has had to be content with appearances in cup competitions, an opportunity he’s used to show he still has something to offer.

That offering could be used by West Brom, explain L’Equipe in their Saturday edition. In a transfer rumour round-up on page 16, L’Equipe explain Debuchy could be set to ‘pack his bags’ and move north to West Brom.

The player is described as being tired with not being used enough, and wants to play for a club who count on him every week. That’s unlikely to happen at Arsenal unless there’s serious injuries to others, so a transfer has again been brought to the table for Debuchy.

With the World Cup on the horizon, it’s explained Debuchy hasn’t completely given up hope of going to Russia, so needs games. There’s not a lot of detail about the potential West Brom move, just that it would likely be a loan.