Grzegorz Krychowiak’s future after West Brom was always going to be talked about throughout his loan season at the club.

Whether the Polish midfielder was playing well or poorly, suggestions about his future options were inevitable, and the rumours have been building over the past week or so.

Whilst it’s pretty clear Krychowiak won’t be returning to PSG, given his initial period at the French club, it’s not clear whether that means an extended West Brom stay.

It’s no surprise if the footballer feels he’d like to return to a higher level with European football, and that pretty much rules out West Brom.

A good season for the Baggies will see interest rise around Europe, especially given Krychowiak’s good spell at Sevilla, but not many non Premier League clubs will be as competitive as West Brom can be, should they choose, on fee.

Krychowiak has been quoted giving his side to the French media, with Le 10 Sport having the player saying about a West Brom stay: “Everything is possible. I don’t close any doors. In football, everything happens so fast. We cannot be sure of anything. I don’t know if I will stay at West Bromwich. The future will tell. I concentrate on the next training sessions and the next matches. This is the most important thing.”