The Chilean version of AS today features an interview with Vicente Reyes, who’s a goalkeeper for the country’s U17 national team.

The youngster actually plays in the United States, as he was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and arrived at Atlanta United at the age of 13. He’s currently part of the club’s academy, where he fights to get a place in the first team in the future.

Now what stood out in this interview is that Reyes apparently has a big wish of joining Manchester City one day, and he’s made it pretty clear during the chat.

The player was first asked about who his idol is, and he mentioned two players who belong to the Premier League side.

“I have two special idols, Claudio Bravo and Ederson Moraes, both from Manchester City,” Vicente Reyes told AS.

Quizzed about why Claudio Bravo, he says: “He’s a great example if I want to be a goalkeeper, because of his footwork and because he’s a good leader both on and off the pitch. He’s my role model.”

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Then Reyes was asked about his goal in football, and that’s when he’s opened up about his love for the English club.

“I want to play in England, that’s my dream, play in Europe in general. With my dad I always talk about playing in the Premier League. I would love to be the Manchester City goalkeeper as Claudio Bravo, I follow the team, they’re my favourite in the English league.”