With Lucas Moura repeatedly claiming he’d like to return to São Paulo one day, his return to Brazil has been long awaited.

Since the winger is just 29, it seems it’s too early for him to move to his home country, as he still has a lot to give in European football.

However, as we get to see an update from Brazilian journalist André Hernan today, it’s claimed his return could happen sooner than expected, as long as Tottenham Hotspur allow him to move soon.

It’s said that Lucas Moura has a friendship with São Paulo president Junior Casares. The player ‘wants to return to Brazil’, as it’d be ‘interesting for him’, and his former club are his first option. The problem is that he has one year left on his contract with Spurs.

What could make his comeback possible this summer is if he returns to England and Tottenham decide he’s not in their plans for the new season, willing to loan him out. Then the Brazilian club would try to get to a deal.

Then in December or January, if he gets closer to the end of his deal, they’d make an attempt to sign him permanently as a free agent.

São Paulo are simply not interested in placing a bid and paying Spurs a fee.

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It turns out that Lucas spoke on Tuesday to the Brazilian media, and despite restating his wish of moving to São Paulo, he sounds very sure that he’s staying at Tottenham for next season, claiming that’s already agreed with the club.

“Hardly anything will happen in this window. I will hardly leave Tottenham. Of course, we never know what will happen. But it’s very likely that I will stay, I already had a conversation with the club, they are interested in me staying. Even more so with the Champions League spot, so I feel very motivated for next season, to continue,” Lucas told Band.

About his return to São Paulo, he said: “It’s possible. Most likely. I don’t like to stick to anything, because we never know, and I don’t want to create false expectations either. But it’s very likely. As I said, contract to end. It could be a year, it could be two, depending on the club’s renewal. And at the end of the contract, when I am free, the possibility of returning to São Paulo is very high, very high. I always had this dream of returning to Tricolor.”