In two decade’s time, Davy Klaassen will be retired, maybe coaching a football team, or maybe he’ll be an agent or a pundit instead.

Nothing can be certain, apart from one thing: When the Dutchman conducts an interview longer than a couple of paragraphs, he’ll almost always manage to get the word ‘Everton’ into it.

Clearly frustrated by his Goodison Park experience, and feeling somewhat badly treated by the club and various managers, Klaassen is having a much better time at Werder Bremen and his confidence is well and truly back.

Speaking to De Telegraaf for their Thursday edition, the player was asked how he’s finding Werder Bremen, and told the Dutch newspaper: “I am very happy here, I really enjoy it. Because I play everything, but also because I am appreciated. We have a great team and the Bundesliga is a fantastic competition. I have not regretted my move from Everton to Werder Bremen for a second.”

Ok, it’s not the level of some of his previous comments, but top marks to Davy for getting it in there.

Asked if he’s still in contact with former Everton boss Ronald Koeman, he added: “No, I have no contact with the national coach, but I am closer to the Dutch team than last year. That is logical. I just have to play well.”