Brazilian striker Richarlison didn’t even have time to become a star in Brazil before making his way to Europe. Despite being a promising youngster, with lots of potential, the local media never expected him to make a quick impact at a foreign club.

But it’s been happening, as the 20-year-old now has two goals for Watford after scoring a late winner against Swansea City last weekend.

The feat has obviously made its way to Brazil, and Richarlison was interviewed by Sportv’s ‘Tá na área’ this Monday night, where he spoke a lot about his life at the Premier League club.

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First speaking about the weekend’s goal, Richarlison said: “It was a very special moment. I exaggerated a bit in the celebration, the first time I took off my shirt. But it was worth the celebration. I got a yellow card, but it was worth it. It was a huge happiness. The first time I scored a goal in the final minutes. So it was a huge happiness for me and my teammates”.

Then the player talked a little about his adaptation to a new country: “I already feel at home, I feel like I’m in Brazil. My teammates welcomed me very well, especially Gomes. He’s the guy who helps me a lot, sorted everything for me, home, car.

“So my teammates, I even thanked them. Because when I get on the pitch, I only think about playing football. I feel totally confident, as in Brazil, and my teammates have been helping me a lot during the week”.

On the difference between English and Brazilian football, the striker said: “I felt the physical part a little. It’s 90 minutes of intensity here. You don’t have time to think like in Brazil. In Brazil you have time to think, about three, four seconds. Here you get the ball and you already have two markers over you.

“So it was more about the game rythm really. And now that I’ve got some of the rhythm I’m already playing 90 minutes without cramps. I’m feeling super good. It’s a league that demands a lot from the physical side and I’m getting a lot prepared during the week”.

Finally, the reporter asked the player how did Marco Silva convince him to make the move, and he ended up revealing the call that made all the difference: “I was at home, if I’m not mistaken on a Sunday night, I think. He called me and told me he wanted me here at Watford, that he knew of my potential, that I could play three positions in the attack. 

“And when he called me I got super happy. That day, if I’m not mistaken, I already had the Ajax proposal, everything was already agreed. Marco Silva called me then, so I changed my mind”.