Watford fans hoping to see Inigo Martinez play against them for Real Sociedad today will be left disappointed.

One of Real Sociedad’s best players for some time, Inigo will have been one of the attractions on show for Saturday afternoon’s friendly, but his level of quality has been noticed by Barcelona, and he’s subsequently unavailable.

Catalan newspaper Sport report Inigo hasn’t travelled to England with Real Sociedad to face Watford, and won’t be taking part in the match. The defender will be kept out of the match ‘to avoid injury’ which is seen in Spain as a sign a move to Barcelona is very close.

Barcelona have their Neymar money to spend, and it will take €32m of it to meet Inigo’s clause at Real Sociedad. Ernesto Valverde targeted the defender as someone to add to his Barcelona squad, and the player himself is said to be very keen on the move.

That’s great news for Inigo and Barcelona, but not so great news for any Watford fans who thought they’d be seeing him today.