When players are presented with a choice, it’s always interesting to see the local newspapers try and guess what said footballers want.

Take Dries Mertens for example: the Belgian is out of contract in the coming month, and has to decide whether he wants to stay in Naples or try a new adventure elsewhere, with Inter and Chelsea the favourites to land him should an exit take place.

However, there’s some conflicting messages in the media, as just over a week ago, Corriere dello Sport believed the Stamford Bridge side had the advantage, describing them as a ‘strong temptation’ for the forward.

The main argument against a move to Inter was the fact Mertens only wanted to wear one shirt in Italy, and that’s Napoli’s.

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Fast forward to Friday, and Area Napoli see it a bit differently, claiming the 33-year-old ‘prefers Inter to Chelsea’ because they currently have more ‘power’ if you compare the respective leagues, especially for his plans in the immediate terms, and also due to the fact that ‘the family is doing well in Italy’.

Were it up to his wife, Kat, they would stay where they are, and that ‘tears’ Dries Mertens inside.

They explain ‘he knows that if he left Naples to wear the Nerazzurri shirt, his decision wouldn’t 100% be digested by the Neapolitan fans, with whom he has created a great relationship’.

As they put it, he now has to decide between his ‘head and his heart’, with Chelsea, we’re guessing, being the former of the two.

After all, he’d likely get more money in England, especially when he is looking at ‘the last major contract of his career’.