Mundo Deportivo have a new take on Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona.

Remember when the Catalan press, still stinging from Liverpool refusing to sell the Brazilian, said he’d refuse to play in the Champions League and his relationship with Jurgen Klopp had completely broken down?

Well, now a reason has been presented for why Coutinho is clearly playing for Klopp, putting effort in, and has already appeared in the Champions League for Liverpool.

The Brazilian and his agents have, according to Mundo Deportivo, reached a personal agreement with Liverpool which allows Coutinho to leave for Barcelona, as soon as January 1st onward, as long as a reasonable offer is put forward.

Of course, it would make little sense for Liverpool to agree to such a deal. When the window shut, the ball was in the Premier League club’s court, Coutinho didn’t have a lot of power to make demands.

Had he refused to play it could have impacted upon his career, and that was always an unlikely scenario. There’s no benefit to Liverpool agreeing to such a scenario, it would be naive, simply pushing the problem to January… unless it was an outright lie and they’ll deal with the consequences after Christmas.

Mundo Deportivo don’t give an indication of what the reasonable fee would be, so that would also push everything back to square one.

The personal agreement is said to be Coutinho’s ‘ace up his sleeve’ for a Liverpool exit, and it sounds a story developed specifically for a Catalan audience.