When it comes to the Premier League, the Argentine and the Chilean media like to hear the words of Christian Martin.

The former rugby player has been living in the United Kingdom for years, where he works for Fox Sports as a correspondent. And there are always some hot takes which are taken seriously by the South American media.

The journalist has now spoken about the future of Chilean star Arturo Vidal, who could leave Barcelona this summer. And he’s claimed that Chelsea would be a great destination for the midfielder.

“I’d love to see Arturo Vidal at Chelsea. I don’t have that information. He’s good, I like him”, Christian Martin told Fox Sports (via Red Gol).

“At Chelsea, Arturo it would be a perfect fit, hopefully it will happen, his football would fit in well, we’ll talk to Fernando Felicevich later, it would be good.”

“Arturo seems to me a sensational player. I’m not saying it because he is Chilean, I think he would fit in very well anywhere. Arturo knows more about Italy, I don’t know if his past in Juventus stops him from going to Inter, but according to what I talked to him, he would always be attracted to coming to the Premier.”

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Martin has also claimed that Vidal would be a very good fit for the Premier League, and could actually replace Jorginho, who’s been a disappointing signing for the Blues.

“In the Premier League he would fit greatly. Arturo has quality, he has a break, he has strength, he has an attitude, playing him next to Kanté would be tremendous. The truth is that Jorginho hasn’t succeeded as we expected, hopefully it can happen with Arturo. It’d be a nice challenge, because he’s not afraid to change either.”

Not long ago, Vidal had also been linked to a move to Newcastle United, but Martin treats this rumour as something more distant, since a move would depend on the club’s takeover.

“What happens with Newcastle is that you have to see if  the acquisition of the Saudis ends up succeeding, I don’t think they have the money now to pay Arthur, but if they arrive, yes, they could go for him.”