They’re having a bit of an issue with player power in Germany this summer. For Borussia Dortmund it’s been a longer term thing, but several clubs are finding it very hard to keep hold of their players, even when they have long contracts and the clubs don’t want to sell.

Earlier this summer Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who didn’t have a long contract, did all he could to force a move through to Manchester United, with Bild’s Alfred Draxler saying he basically openly threatened strike action.

In mid June, SportBILD claimed discussions between Mino Raiola and Dortmund officials grew into a full-blown argument, with Raiola allegedly even overturning a chair in frustration.

But then, Dortmund could hardly feel so wronged, because when Mkhitaryan joined them from Shakhtar, the move had been forced after the player didn’t turn up for summer training camp.

As well as Mkhitaryan, Alfred Draxler brings up his namesake Julian. This week the Wolfsburg player asked Bild to interview him so he could tell them how much he wanted to leave his club, and how he’d already made the manager aware.

Draxler, the journalist and not the rebelling Wolfsburg player, agrees with Thomas Tuchel’s comments about players, and football in general, having to be careful not to become completely alienated from fans.

None of this is anything new, but maybe football is getting a little harsher in Germany.