On Sunday we covered claims from Gazzetta dello Sport about Manchester United and Sergej Milinkovic-Savic.

It followed on from earlier claims from SportMediaSet and Corriere dell Sera, who both made it clear that whilst Lazio would like €100m or more for their player, they’d accept €80m.

The biggest takeaway from the claims has been a willingness from Lazio to cash in on the midfielder, potentially before his value drops further.

Gazzetta said it’s ‘decisive hours’ for the player’s future, and that Manchester United ‘push’ for his signing. A €72m offer was reportedly ready at Old Trafford.

Iglo Tare is having ‘ongoing contacts’ with the club for Milinkovic-Savic, and the player’s agent, former Chelsea player Mateja Kezman, was expected in London quickly.

Monday’s edition of Gazzetta once again says Manchester United are ‘ready to put 75 million euros on the plate’.

However, it’s now stated Lazio president Claudio Lotito wants €120m. That’s just the €40m higher than previous reports stated the club would accept, and a completely unreasonable price given the Serbian’s fall in value over the past year.

That’s all they have, and it doesn’t feel like a step forward from Sunday.

Meanwhile, SportMediaSet have covered Gazzetta’s claims from Sunday and, as they typically do, made everything more dramatic. SMS is a ‘step away’ from signing for the club, and Tare is in London to ‘close’ the transfer.

A PSG offer of €55m is mentioned, although that offer no longer stands.

They also add Milinkovic-Savic could double his wages at Manchester United, earning €6m a season after tax.

It can be pretty sure that’s an educated guess, so, all in all, there’s no step forward here.