It’s a tangled transfer web around Nico Gaitan right now and it’s one which AS pretty bluntly tell him he needs to untangle and take away from Atletico Madrid.

The Spanish newspaper explain, in their Tuesday edition, that Gaitan has been against a move to England, not speaking the language, but now he needs to revaluate his options.

In December we reported Gaitan could be a good bet for Southampton, someone who could add something to the club’s squad and be a reasonable gamble. There were no claims of interest at the time, it was just an idea which made some sense.

Then around ten days ago it was reported in Spain that Southampton are actually interested, one of a number of English clubs who were said to be keen on the player. In fact, AS said Southampton were ‘especially’ keen in comparison to the other Premier League sides.

Today the Saints are just thrown in with others, but with AS making it clear to Gaitan, quite possibly encouraged to do so by Atletico Madrid themselves, that he needs to find a new club, this one could come to the fore again.

One to keep an eye on for the rest of the window.